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¿What is La Montaña Azul?


La Montaña Azul is a Retreat Center for the awakening of Consciousness and Wellbeing, for a happier life with a deeper meaning and a higher evolutionary impulse.


It is a path to holistic health, inner peace and spirituality in the Being of our doing.


La Montaña Azul is a center for Chi Kung, Tai Chi Chuan and Meditation retreats; including the transmission of other internal arts contributing to the improvement of life for human beings.





La Montaña Azul is also:




Contribute to the awakening of Consciousness

providing inspiration, experiences and

tools of/for Transformation and Wellbeing.

Visualize our Retreat Center, through this video:


Montaña Azul





La Montaña Azul is a smile from the heart
traveling the world as a free spirit,
through those who have been transformed by visiting it


La Montaña Azul is a group of people who are committed to their own inner transformation with a will for service.


A subtle network of many people with diverse nationalities, different professions and occupations, are what we call La Montaña Azul: they are resident and invited teachers; students and participants; children and youngsters from the Alaya Camp; founders and partners and the team that meets the various tasks of operation with great warmth for a harmonic performance; all of them constitute the human group which allows this place to be an opportunity for many people, including you, to experience happiness.




Angus and Tania, Chirriposa Retreats – Costa Rica & Europe

“Chirriposa has been hosting retreats at numerous destinations around Costa Rica and in Europe over the last years and we can honestly say that La Montana Azul is our favourite location to bring our yoga, dance, art and photography groups. The property is in one word ‘magical’, the accommodations and facilities are outstanding with such great taste and attention to detail. The yoga space is second to none and takes the ‘wow factor’ to a completely different level…”


Rabbi Marcelo Bronstein – USA

“I have been going to la Montania Azul for five years taking people from New York for a week of mindfulness, deep encounter with the soul, the kindness of the mountain and bearing witness to the social fabric of the community that surrounds the retreat center. I keep choosing la Montania Azul to lead my congregational Mindfulness retreat because they walk the talk…”


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CNN Interview

Ismael Cala – Sifu Rama, Sifu Simón y Adelaida Nieto


Kindness is to do what’s best for the other person, according to what he needs for his wellbeing.



Attention and exclusivity: Our staff is prepared to ensure your group´s tranquility and comfort, allowing you the exclusivity of our facilities and gardens, mountain trails and the crystal clear pools of the Talari river, ensuring privacy and comfort for your event.

Logistical support: We make sure that you and your group receive what they need to make your stay here with us at La Montaña Azul a wonderful experience. We are looking forward to helping you make your event even better than your group could imagine.

We offer you
• Organizing the reception and the transportation of your group (San Jose – La Montaña Azul – San Jose). We also provide a guide that will receive your group at the airport and will accompany them to La Montaña Azul

• Specifically designed elements for your events such as shirts, hats, mugs and others

• Organizing trips to the beach, hot springs, national parks and more

• Quality printing programs for the participants


SPA: We offer services for relaxation and physical wellbeing; our professional therapists are specialized in relaxing massages, reflexology and craniofacial massages.



Facilities and our capacity: We host groups of at least 10 participants and a maximum of 60 people


Food: A delicious fusion gourmet – vegetarian menu that has been designed by chefs and health professionals. So besides the delight of wonderful flavors you will also have a healthy diet that helps your body to fully harmonize.


Accommodation and food courtesies

We have the following courtesies:

  • Groups of 12 to 16 participants: one person free
  • Groups of 17 to 29 people: one and a half people free
  • Groups of 30 to 43 people: 2 people free
  • Groups of 43 and more participants: 3 people free
  • Guided hikes to the pools of the Talari River for every three nights booked


Optional activities and tours

Ask us about our special activities during your stay:

  • Flow learning: Night rainforest hike and bonfires
  • Flow running for runners and athletes
  • Personalized Chi Kung sessions
  • Practical lecture about Intuitive Eating


Trips to places of great beauty:

  • Hot springs of San Gerardo
  • Enjoy the beach and the sea of Marino Ballena´s National Park
  • Mountain hikes through nature reserve areas or zones
  • Visit the heart of the community: Local artisans’ shops, traditional sugar mill, artisan cheese makers, local art galleries, organic cacao and chocolatier store and more


Build with us.



Depending on the characteristics of the event, we prepare a price quotation according to your needs and requirements.

We are looking forward to helping you with the organization of your event.

If you would like our assistance with your event please write to us at: jardinsintiempo@lmazul.com



√: Available accommodation


Room Quadruple Triple Double Single Number of Rooms
Quetzales Suites 4
Tanager Houses 4
Nature Lovers 3
Alaya 6
Monks Dormitory 2
Dragon House  —  — 3



We develop a delicious and healthy menu according to your group´s or your event´s needs.

You can learn more about our meal proposal in our section INTUITIVE EATING



We quote prices dependent on the number of participants in your group or event.


Activities Duration Minimum of people
Flow Running for runners and athletes 2 hours 10
Personalized Chi Kung sessions 1 hour 1
Practical lecture about Intuitive Eating 2 hours 10



We quote prices dependent on the number of participants in your group or event.


Activities Duration Minimum of people
Marino Ballena´s National Park, Bahia Ballena beach 10 hours 6
Hot Springs of San Gerardo 3 hours 4
Mountain hikes through nature reserves 2 to 4 hours 2
Visit the heart of the community 3 to 4 hours 12

We can offer you a guide to accompany you and your group from San Jose to La Montaña Azul.

Note: To formalize a group booking you will have to pay 400 to 600 USD in advance per night of stay depending on the number of participants in your group.


Information, Inscriptions, and Reservation:

✉: jardinsintiempo@lmazul.com

☎ +506 27425278


Knowledge in wisdom of transformation


Our private courses can be solicited by people who share a common interest, whether they are a big or small company, schools, families and diverse groups they all can request a private course with emphasis on a specific topic or choose one of our thematic courses.


  • We work with courses that are alive, specially designed by teachers for the specific needs of the participant group. The course organizer will discuss the needs of the group to one of the managers of La Montaña Azul to develop the specific program of the event or to choose one of the already existing courses


  • The organizer will receive a proposal from La Montaña Azul and the program budget within a maximum five days after receiving the request


  • These groups can be between 7 and 50 people and will have the exclusivity and privacy of La Montaña Azul during their stay


  • All the courses can be taught in Spanish, English, French or Italian


  • In some cases these courses may be taught outside La Montaña Azul




Relaxation goes beyond releasing mental, emotional and physical stress. Relaxation is to restore a natural state of serene vitality.


Enjoy wonderful massages that will sooth you and give you a deep relaxation, in the midst of delicate aromas and sounds that enrich the spirit.


Enjoy treatments with natural ingredients that help to deepen rest, stimulate good health, provide cheerfulness and firmness to your body, beautify your skin and bring lightness to your heart.




Information, Inscriptions, and Reservation:

✉: jardinsintiempo@lmazul.com

☎ +506 27425278


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Relaxation goes beyond releasing mental, emotional and physical stress. Relaxation is to restore a natural state of serene vitality. READ MORE >>


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