The Shaolin Chi Kung originating in Ancient China,  is an internal millenary art that harmonizes, nourishes and revitalizes the life of the human being. It restores the connection with the natural state of the body and mind, which promotes health and well-being through simple coordinated movements, with the breath and in a state of presence or full attention.

The term Chi Kung can be translated as the art of cultivating vital energy. Its benefits are very valuable in the contemporary world, because it is a tool for consciously living the present moment and therefore to have a spiritual awakening.

It allows you to enjoy a balanced daily life between Being and Doing, enabling a life with greater meaning, better health and better achievements, which promotes harmonious relationships based on love, empathy and service.

How may the daily practice of chi kung change your life?

  • Restores optimal functioning of all body systems, improving overall health, and physical, mental and emotional well-being.
  • Significantly reduces stress and fatigue, increasing the ability to relax in the midst of action.
  • It allows you to enjoy a clear and effective mind, elevating the capacity to make assertive decisions and to solve problems.
  • Significantly decreases the tendency to accumulate emotions such as fear, guilt, anxiety, worry, anger, sadness, envy or jealousy, allowing an emotional fluidity to live more freely and in harmony.
  • It allows the opening of the heart to enjoy life with a genuine joy and inner peace.

Why such a simple art can generate such varied benefits?

Because it does not work on each of them independently, but on the base system that sustains and promotes all the physiological, mental and emotional aspects of the human being, helping to awaken the natural potential of balance, well-being and awareness in every person’s Authentic Self.


Its literal meaning is Martial Art of the Cosmos  and was derived from Shaolin Kung Fu in the thirteenth century when the great master Chang San-Feng developed the first forms of Tai Chi Chuan giving birth to this martial art. Beyond being efficient in combat, it became a way to cultivate the body, mind, and spirit.

It is the art of inner harmony, with others and with the environment. It flows with the energy of the present moment and channels opposing forces, transforming obstacles and resistance into opportunities.

With its practice, we can experience the firmness that is present in lightness and the stillness present in movement. Understanding its principles, we can have a daily life that is more and more harmonious and full of vitality.

At The Blue Mountain our teachers have developed a form called The Heart of the Mountain to inspire the essence of this magical place and develop the most valuable skills of Tai Chi Chuan.

How may the practice of tai chi chuan transform your life?

In addition to being an effective internal martial art for self-defense, Tai Chi Chuan offers the same benefits of Chi Kung:

  • Its application in daily life significantly improves the ability to channel emotions in a healthy and constructive way, renewing the quality of interpersonal relationships both in the workplace and in your personal life.
  • It provides tools to take on the diverse situations in life with an active serenity and flexible strength, enriching both our way of acting and our inner well-being.
  • Increases and harmonizes the vital energy keeping the body healthy, fit, toned and vigorous.
  • Helps to recognize and free our own or others’ resistances which impedes fluid interactions, providing a valuable tool to carry out discussions and agreements between groups or people.
  • More and more frequently subtle joy will permeate your heart without any reason.


Meditation is a conscious presence, a living silence at every moment and space.

Its practice allows us to recognize a deep serenity which may bring along the answers to the most fundamental questions of every human being.

In a hectic contemporary world we are more attentive about what is happing outside of us and we do not give space to realize who we really are. We need to regain contact with our authentic Being and harmonize our creative force with the essential.

Focusing our attention on the present moment fills us with strength and allows us to live every moment fully enjoying the joy of living.


The word Satsang originates from the ancient Sanskrit language: Sat means truth and Sang company.

It is a dialogue that flows from a state of presence. It opens hearts and minds to the reality of life, for the awakening of a spiritual consciousness.

It is a source of subtle joy and inner freedom that develops the ability to welcome the present moment with serenity and vital energy.


Happiness is our birthright that every one of us has the possibility of experiencing it abundantly in our hearts to express it in our lives. There are many valuable tools that allow us to recognize and reconnect with this treasure that we have received.

Gates to your happiness:

  1. Love: Love is the most powerful vehicle we have to live our lives with deep happiness. In its essence, love is not limited, biased, it is not reduced only to interaction, on the contrary, it is open and abundant.
  2. Presence: Living the present moment without thinking about the future or referring to the past is one of the most powerful tools to enjoy what life is without judgments, and yes with great willingness and openness.
  3. Gratitude and appreciation: being grateful for what is presented before us will change the way we perceive life and allow us to see the beauty that exists in each circumstance and in each human being.
  4. Human connections: this is one of the most important aspects to live in sincere happiness. Each interaction with one another is a wonderful opportunity to recognize a link, which gives us confidence and security.
  5. The Inner Warrior: In us there is the ability to recover from challenging moments and to be warriors of life with love.
  6. Service and purpose: Being attentive and available for others is a direct way to find the abundance of joy. Serving people and being available to what life wants from us is essential to advance in our internal purpose and has the virtue of inspiring others to do the same.
  7. Health and wellbeing: beyond health as a state of absence of diseases, health is a state of vitality, mental clarity and balance in all the physical, mental and emotional aspects of our life. The path of well-being can only be built by each one of us.


A myriad of possibilities, paths and tools are available for you to construct a path of conscious well-being. There are three main pillars which complement each other and which sustain transformation, as well as some key principles that support you to live a fulfilled life:

  1. Intuitive Eating
  2. Ancient health practices
  3. Modern discoveries about vitality and health

General principles:

Self-care: with love as a guiding principle, each person has the possibility to look into and treat themselves as a continuing process of construction towards their ideal health, identifying and honoring every possibility to feel good and radiate a state of well-being.

Bio individuality: each person’s path towards the construction of their health is personal and autonomous, each individual must be able to express health with freedom and align it with their own needs and desires. In their conscious path towards discovering it, we receive the treasures of transformation that will sustain results over time.

Simplicity and enjoyment of the process: we can easily apply every conscious transformation we make to enhance our well-being. To be sustainable over time, this must be suitable for each person’s reality, their tastes, habits, lifestyle, income levels, and above all very enjoyable.

Primary eating: we do not only feed from what we eat. We also feed from the thoughts we generate, the relationships we have, the work we do every day. This is the way to nourish the mind, the body and the heart. The more we fill our lives with situations that generate deep joy, the more we will live with greater health and well-being.

Abundance for wellness: being attentive and focused on the good things that we can add to our lifestyle as tools, practices, foods, etc., and not on what is preferable to set aside, is one of the secrets that gives greater fluidity to the process.


Happy Food from the The Blue Mountain is a delight to your senses and brings health for your body. Food is one of the special elements during the experience of our visitors

You will enjoy our gourmet vegetarian fusion recipes in which we take care from the moment of the selection of the ingredients, until the moment when the food meets your mouth.

The principles that nourish the Happy Diet are:

– We select the food with care for your health and to the environmental and the social responsibilities.

– We prefer foods that, as much as possible, have not produced disharmony in their production or distribution process.

– We prepare and serve food in an act of joy and love.

– We appreciate the food and those who made it possible for it to reach us.

– We invite you to eat in a serene and positive internal state, because we know that we also feed on our emotions and thoughts.

– We want to use the energy that food gives us to do good.

Very practical and simple guidelines can make life and cooking, the paradise we want in every day.


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