“You are not here to fix the world, but to love it.”

A. de M.


Act as you want the world to be

Since the Blue Mountain was created in 2004, one of its purposes has been to irradiate and generate integral well-being to the neighboring rural community and to the human groups that are in an at-risk situation in Costa Rica.

Uniting efforts with social service NGOs, community organizations, official institutions and students of The Blue Mountain, programs have been developed in various areas:


“When you give something material, you can have less. When you give love, you will always have more.”

Campaign from Drop to Drop: Mighty Flow of Faith

Led in partnership with Costa Rican businessmen and the community for the construction of the village church, a meeting place of great significance for the community

Talari School of the Angels of Rivas

  • Support for the construction of one of the classrooms and the endowment for its educational materials.
  • Delivery of computers for students.
  • Installation of a playground.
  • Training for teachers and students.

Canaan High School that serves young people in the area

  • Construction of the music classroom.
  • Support for the dance group
  • Human Values ​​seminars for students and teachers.
  • Remodeling and improvements to the lounge and communal kitchen

GIVING is the fastest way to have it all

  • Chi Kung courses held periodically for the community and workshops for the integral improvement of quality of life.
  • Mandalas Workshop with Alejandra García and the youth of the Canaan High School and the members of the community of Los Angeles.
  • Happiness Courses, Food Handling, First Aid, Emergency Management, Waste Management and Recycling and others.
  • Maintenance of the road to Los Angeles for circulation of both the community and to transport with greater ease the products produced in the area.
  • Support for the construction of a prayer space in the cemetery of the neighboring communities.


Do you want to enjoy happiness? Do not look for it, radiate it.
Do not look for it, radiate it..

Participation for the well-being in a Home for girls in protection with improvements to their location and workshops on values, art and positive cohabitation. The Blue Mountain supported the projects of Decrease of Violence and the Prison Program of the Art of Living and the International Association for Human Values.

The Blue Mountain, its partners, students and workers, have been involved in this program of violence reduction, volunteering in different areas of the program, with economic contributions and in general, supporting the strengthening and development of this important program.


Do you want to complain,
or would you like to make a difference?

La Montaña Azul allocated 95% of its land to a natural sanctuary for the protection of water, flora and fauna. At this moment, it has 47 hectares in forest protection and regeneration of old pasture lands.


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