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Imagine a country where people greet you saying: “Pura Vida!”—“Pure Life”—, while walking smilingly; a mountain like a green carpet where you can hear the sound of a crystal clear river and the song of the birds; where your eyes will be amazed with the colors of the flowers that sprout in the gardens and in the native forests; where your lungs will breathe pure air and you will see the water springin from the springs of the earth. Imagine a place where people trust in goodness and have the best willingness to assist you and help connect you to the beauty that dwells in you. We’ll be there!


Southern zone of Costa Rica. Los Angeles Rural Area, Rivas District, Pérez Zeledón, going up to Chirripó Mountain Park from San Isidro del General, on the banks of the Talari River. At a height of 1,500 meters, about 5,000 feet, above sea level.


Coordinates to enter a GPS: Northern Latitude: 9º  27′ 50″ and Western Longitude: 83º 35′ 2″. In the Waze application search: La Montana Azul (Los Angeles de Rivas). In GPS Navigator search: Hotel La Montaña Azul.



Search for: La Montaña Azul (Los Angeles de Rivas) 


Download: Road guide from San José



We are 1,500 meters, about 5,000 feet, above sea level. The average temperature on a day is 21ºC or 70ºF and at night it can drop to approximately 15ºC or 59ºF. We recommend you bring warm clothes, especially for the nights.

  • For courses, bring comfortable clothing: slippers, lightweight tennis shoes or non-slip socks for the exclusive use of the Temple of Practice. You cannot enter the Temple of Practice with regular street shoes.
  • You will enjoy a delicious vegetarian gourmet food menu, designed for your health and your delight. If you suffer from allergies or require a special medical diet, we thank you by letting us know 7 days in advance of your visit. It will be a pleasure to assist you.
  • We have excellent electric light service, but you must bring a flashlight to move through the gardens and trails at night.
  • You must bring an alarm clock to get up, as well as a hair dryer if you need it.
  • For walks and river trips you may bring a bathing suit, a towel for the river and suitable walking shoes.
  • We have a telephone service. If your family members wish to communicate with you, they may call: +(506) 2742-4278 or for night emergencies at +(506) 2742-5276.
  • In our offices we have computers for internet service. To avoid electromagnetic waves, we do not have a wireless system (Wi-Fi). We have computers at your disposal and if you want you can use your personal computer to connect. If it does not have the connection for an Internet/Ethernet cable, we appreciate bringing the necessary converter. (Example: MacBook Air model – Apple Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet adapter).
  • There is a laundry service, but not for delicate items or ones that require dry cleaning. Your payment is in cash and direct to whomever provides this service.
  • You must check according to your nationality if you require a visa to enter Costa Rica. You can enter Costa Rica if you have a valid United States of America visa.
  • We remind you that in order to enter the country your passport must have a minimum of six months of validity.
  • You must consult in accordance with your country of origin, if you require a Yellow Fever Vaccine, which must be valid or gotten 11 days before your trip. The vaccine must be registered with an International Card. If you have already got the vaccine before and you have the Card but the ten years of validity of the vaccine have expired, you can request where they vaccinated you, that they will put the validity stamp without having to reapply the vaccine, but it is obligatory to have your card sealed. If you are going to get the vaccine, you should consult with your doctor about whether or not to apply it and if your doctor does not recommend the application, you should give a formal certificate, explaining the reasons why you cannot get the vaccine, and you may travel with that certificate.
  • If you are traveling with a minor, consult your pediatrician.
  • You must inform The Blue Mountain’s administration what type of national or international medical insurance account you hold. In case of any illness or accident we inform you that:
    •  The fastest access medical center is located in San Isidro del General 35 minutes by car.
    • Due to the absence of a doctor in the place, The Blue Mountain has a medical team that offers telephone advice in case of some primary care with a kit of basic implements for non-specialized care.
    • The Blue Mountain has a transportation service available 24 hours a day for emergencies.
  • The currency of Costa Rica is the Colón. To check the current dollar exchange rate, please visit: In The Blue Mountain you do not need Colones and the stops along the way will accept dollars in low denomination bills. If you would like to change dollars, you may do so at the airport in the baggage claim area.



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